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07 February 2011 @ 07:23 pm
Ficlet expansion?  
They can't come to an agreement. So their first time is on the training field where their tenth spar ended in a draw.
Rough bark bites into Naruto's shoulder blades as Sasuke moves between his thighs. It takes him five thrusts before he gets used to it and can concentrate enough to finish the hand seal he's shaping around Sasuke's back.
His twin joins them, mouthing Sasuke's seal as Naruto tugs on Sasuke's head to pull their mouths together, filling him like Sasuke fills Naruto.
The clone explodes when he comes, and Sasuke laughs rough and mean in his neck and whispers things about Naruto's endurance.
He sings another tune after Naruto's tenth Bunshin has had his turn.

- Taken from Naruto Ficlets by Asuka Kureru
I really kind of want to expand on this idea. I think I'll ask the author if she'd mind. Thoughts?