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29 October 2010 @ 07:27 pm
「Naruto」 PromptFic: Stain  
Title: Stain
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: None.
Prompt: Generator; Naruto x Haku, in the laundry room, death
Word Count: 207
Rating: PG

Naruto doesn't like doing laundry, because scrubbing at bloodstains make him remember Haku. He knows that he didn't kill Haku - technically, Kakashi did - but he had been planning to. Had been about to, until things had changed and Haku had sacrificed himself for Zabuza.

Haku had been the first bad guy they'd fought that Naruto had liked, and watching him die in front of his eyes had made him realise that being a ninja was something that he had to take seriously. After all, there were consequences.

There was a small bloodstain on his favourite pants that wouldn't come out, no matter how much he scrubbed. Sakura said that he'd left it too long before trying, and that there was a reason that it was called a stain. Naruto wondered if maybe it was Haku's way of reminding him that he'd been there; that Haku was stained on his memory as well as his clothes.

Every time he saw it, he remembered that Zabuza had talked about meeting Haku again in Heaven. Naruto hoped that Heaven really did exist, and that one day he'd see him there, standing next to Zabuza and smiling. Not for a long time, though; he had to become Hokage first.